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West Wing Room 205 Key

Base price: 49 500

24h avg price: 50 180

Weekly avg price: 48 883


Key Notes:

  • Connected to room 203 through the balcony


Key Spawn Location:

  • Inside of the reception building at the boat launch on Shoreline. It sits on the ground at the base of the Drawers
  • In the Pockets and bags of Scavs & Player Scavs


Key Lock Location:

  • The second floor, room 205 of the West Wing in the Health Resort on Shoreline


Behind the Lock:

  • Inside Room 203
    • Red keycard spawn
    • One Medbag SMU06
    • One Medcase
    • One Weapon spawn (AR)
    • Loose loot (Meds, Money)
    • One Toolbox
    • One Sport bag


  • Balcony
    • One Weapon box (5x2 slot)


  • Inside Room 205
    • One Toolbox
    • One Medcase
    • LEDX spawn
    • Loose loot (meds, food)


Key Description:

Key to room 205 in the West wing of the health resort