Tigr Safari

Complete guide for the Peacekeeper task; Tigr Safari

Needed for Kappa

Task Objectives:

Mark the first Tigr vehicle with an [fish:item:2Xf3] on Customs
Mark the second Tigr vehicle with an [fish:item:2Xf3] on Customs
Mark the third Tigr vehicle with an [fish:item:2Xf3] on Customs
Survive and extract from the location

Task Rewards:

+5,900 EXP
Peacekeeper Rep +0.03
900 Dollars (Without an Intelligence Center)
945 Dollars (With Intelligence Center Level 1)
1,035 Dollars (With Intelligence Center Level 2)
1x Direct Action Thunderbolt compact chest rig
2x M67 Hand grenade

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Task Requirements:

  • Must be Level 10 to start this task


Task Objective Dialogue:

Okay, here's the next deal. Russia has kindly provided the UNTAR mission with several Tigr LAV's. Now the mission has virtually collapsed, and the vehicles are left to rot in the rain. I need you to locate three abandoned armored vehicles at Customs and mark them with Beacons. There are still many valuables left inside that can be salvaged and sold, for example, to American intelligence. Unfortunately, I don't have the beacons now.


Completion Dialogue:

I hope you didn't mention this matter to the authorities? Great! Here's your reward.

Video tutorial