November 16, 2020

Sew It Good - Part 4

Video Guide

Task Objectives:

  • Find in raid 2 Wartech (TV-109, TV-106)
  • Hand over 2 Wartech (TV-109, TV-106)
  • Find in raid 2 BlackRock chest rig
  • Hand over 2 BlackRock chest rig

Task Rewards:

  • +20,700 EXP
  • Ragman Rep +0.09
  • 25,000 Roubles
  • ANA Tactical M2 armored rig

Task Objective Dialogue:

  • Well, looks like I'm through with armor, took a bit of an effort, though. If I need some more, you'll help me out, right? And now I have to get my hands on tactical vests, and some of them are pretty hard to come by, but you'll pull through, right? Bring at least a couple of sets and it'll be fine.

Task Completion Dialogue:

  • All out, bro!