November 13, 2020

RB-MP11 Key

Video Guide

Below is Flea Market values for the [trkv:74551dd8-7817-4eb3-988b-3d1bb7b6ad33:name]
Current Price of Flea Market: [trkv:74551dd8-7817-4eb3-988b-3d1bb7b6ad33:price]
Average in the last 24h: [trkv:74551dd8-7817-4eb3-988b-3d1bb7b6ad33:avg_price_d]
[trkv:74551dd8-7817-4eb3-988b-3d1bb7b6ad33:trader] Buy Price: [trkv:74551dd8-7817-4eb3-988b-3d1bb7b6ad33:trader_price]

Key Spawn Location:

  • In the Common fund stash (Shturman's crate)
  • In Jackets
  • In the Pockets and bags of Scavs & Player Scavs
  • On Customs in Shipping Yard Container Building. On desk with papers

Key Lock Location:

  • Unlocks a door on the second story of black knight on Reserve