November 13, 2020

Lab. Key. Manager Office

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Below is Flea Market values for the [trkv:122a1a58-b7b2-4c8c-a2ee-bfeaeebf4316:name]
Current Price of Flea Market: [trkv:122a1a58-b7b2-4c8c-a2ee-bfeaeebf4316:price]
Average in the last 24h: [trkv:122a1a58-b7b2-4c8c-a2ee-bfeaeebf4316:avg_price_d]
[trkv:122a1a58-b7b2-4c8c-a2ee-bfeaeebf4316:trader] Buy Price: [trkv:122a1a58-b7b2-4c8c-a2ee-bfeaeebf4316:trader_price]

Key Spawn Location:

  • Labs, in Room O13 on a lit up desk, left of the glass door entrance
  • Labs, in room O22, in the conference room on the right side of the powered laptop
  • Labs, inY11 (the parking garage) sitting on the passenger side seat of the SUV that has the Weapon box (5x2) in the trunk
  • In the Pockets and bags of Scavs & Player Scavs

Key Lock Location:

  • Laboratory manager office (O21) on the second level in The Lab

Behind The Lock:

  • One PC block
  • One Drawer
  • One Safe
  • One Weapon box (6x3)
  • Four rare loot spawns