November 13, 2020

Key To OLI Cash Register

Video Guide

Below is Flea Market values for the [trkv:d76d331f-4cfc-43c9-bd36-57ab408da5f6:name]
Current Price of Flea Market: [trkv:d76d331f-4cfc-43c9-bd36-57ab408da5f6:price]
Average in the last 24h: [trkv:d76d331f-4cfc-43c9-bd36-57ab408da5f6:avg_price_d]
[trkv:d76d331f-4cfc-43c9-bd36-57ab408da5f6:trader] Buy Price: [trkv:d76d331f-4cfc-43c9-bd36-57ab408da5f6:trader_price]

Key Spawn Location:

  • In Interchange, on a table in an office in the back of the OLI store
  • In the Pockets and bags of Scavs & Player Scavs

Key Lock Location:

  • Cash registers in the front of the OLI store on Interchange

Behind the Lock:

  • The content of 18x Cash register TAR2-2