November 13, 2020

Key To KIBA Store Outlet

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Below is Flea Market values for the [trkv:36f30c05-7865-409c-bad2-cc309fca4bd3:name]
Current Price of Flea Market: [trkv:36f30c05-7865-409c-bad2-cc309fca4bd3:price]
Average in the last 24h: [trkv:36f30c05-7865-409c-bad2-cc309fca4bd3:avg_price_d]
[trkv:36f30c05-7865-409c-bad2-cc309fca4bd3:trader] Buy Price: [trkv:36f30c05-7865-409c-bad2-cc309fca4bd3:trader_price]

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Key Notes:

Key Spawn Location:

  • On Interchange at the campsite in the Goshan store, behind a tent on a book
  • In the Pockets and bags of Scavs & Player Scavs

Key Lock Location:

  • The first door to enter the KIBA weapons store on the map Interchange, located near the center of the mall

Behind the Lock:

  • A second locked grate door that requires the Key to KIBA Outlet grate door to be opened. Visit the Key to KIBA Outlet grate door for details of Loot available in the store