November 16, 2020

Ice Cream Cones

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Task Requirements:

  • Must be Level 9 to start this task

Task Objectives:

  • Find 6 60-round mags for AK
  • (Optional) Find the key from the bunker in the Terragroup employee room
  • (Optional) Locate the right bunker in the Woods
  • Hand over 6 60 round mags for AK to Prapor

Task Rewards:

  • +7,400 EXP
  • Prapor Rep +0.08
  • 3x 60-round 6L31 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles
  • 17,000 Roubles
  • 100x 5.45x39 mm BP
  • Unlocks barter for 60-round 6L31 5.45x39 magazine for AK-74 and compatibles at LL2

Task Objective Dialogue:

  • Hey there, fighter. Still fighting? Good. There is this job, a trifle, really. Obviously not your caliber, so not a business, but a favor, so to say. There's a package for me, they stashed it in the bunker behind the sawmill. 60-rounds for a fiver. You know, popular product. So, there they've put a lock-up on the grill toward out drifters. Terra Group people used to hang around there in their time, and one of their brass has a copy of the key stored somewhere. He lived somewhere in the dorm by the Factory. So go on and check around. In fact, if you don't manage it into the bunker, then find them elsewhere - I've got a pressing order.

Task Completion Dialogue:

  • Well, they say money can't buy friendship, but I still owe you.