November 16, 2020

Huntsman Path - Woods Keeper

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Task Objectives:

  • Eliminate Shturman
  • Find in raid Shturman's key
  • Handover the Shturman's stash key to Jaeger

Task Rewards:

  • +25,000 EXP
  • Jaeger Rep +0.05
  • 17,000 Roubles
  • 4x Gunpowder "Hawk"
  • VPX Flash Storage Module
  • 3x TerraGroup Labs access keycard

Task Objective Dialogue:

  • For many years working as a gamekeeper, I know that if there is an infection in the forest, then you need to get rid of it immediately while the whole forest has not got infected. One such infection settled here, they call it Shturman, he and his crew set up at a sawmill, so now it has become dangerous in my native reserve. Deal with it, it will be for the better for the forest and for people.

Task Completion Dialogue:

  • Well, not bad, many people breathed calmer. Yes, and I’ll get closer to the city, I’ll move to my native places.