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Health Resort Utility Room Key

Base price: 37 000

24h avg price: 30 500

Weekly avg price: 30 505

Key Notes:


Key Spawn Location:

  • Underneath a key locker in the janitors closet by the east wing admin (glass) staircase on second floor of shoreline. Below where the East 226 key (https://piranha.tv/east-wing-room-226-key/) spawns
  • In the Pockets and bags of Scavs & Player Scavs


Key Lock Locations:

  • Health resort east wing, 3rd floor: Room next to room 328
  • Health resort west wing, 2nd floor: Room next to room 227
  • Health resort west wing, 3rd floor: Room next to room 327


Behind the Lock:

  • Room next to West 227:
    • One industrial shelf
    • One key rack
    • One jacket


  • Room next to West 327:
    • One industrial shelf


  • Room next to East 328:
    • One table with rare loot


Key Description:

Key to utility rooms of the health resort