November 16, 2020

Health Care Privacy - Part 2

Video Guide

Other Gudies:

Task Objectives:

  • Gather info on the fate of the Terragroup research
  • Hand over info on the fate of the Terragroup research
  • Survive and exit the location

Task Rewards:

  • +11,500 EXP
  • Therapist Rep +0.09
  • 24,000 Roubles
  • 4x Salewa FIRST AID KIT

Task Objective Dialogue:

  • Thanks for your assistance with the vans. We were just in time, even these Scavs didn't have time to pull them apart. While researching the consequences of the tunnel collapse, we've run across a Terragroup executive Gelandewagen. It appears that part of the company's top managers perished there while trying to evacuate. I'm aware that medical research was one of the top priorities for the company, and I'm almost sure, that had no time to evacuate its data and materials due to lack of time. Whatever they were doing, I think it can turn out to be very valuable, both for us and for medical science in general. It can earn us a ticket from Tarkov, even more than one. I've regularly met up with certain Terragroup employees to discuss health care issues, so I was pretty familiar with some of their works. One of my acquaintances, who, by the way, directly reported to that deceased Gelandewagen management, used to live in the health resort building. Let me look it up... here it is, room 306. Inspect it for anything that could possibly be left behind.

Task Completion Dialogue:

  • Indeed, the distinctive doctor's handwriting. Thank you, young man.