November 16, 2020

Gunsmith - Part 12

Video Guide

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Parts List:

  • Rotor 43 5.56x45 muzzle brake
  • Zenit 2U Klesch tactical flashlight
  • CAA RS47 foregrip for AK-compatible systems
  • Magpul AFG grip OD

Task Requirements:

  • Must be Level 23 to start this task

Task Objectives:
-Modify AK-102 to comply with the required specification:

  • 50 or more ergonomics
  • 500 or less recoil
  • 500 or greater sighting range
  • 8 or fewer cells
  • Rotor 43 5.56x45 muzzle brake
  • Magpul AFG grip OD
  • Zenit 2U Klesch tactical flashlight

Task Rewards:

  • +14,400 EXP
  • Mechanic Rep +0.04
  • 70,000 Roubles (Without Intelligence Center)
  • 73,500 Roubles (With Intelligence Center Level 1)
  • 80,500 Roubles (With Intelligence Center Level 2)
  • Remington Model 870 12ga shotgun
  • Unlocks purchase of Magpul AFG grip OD at LL3

Task Objective Dialogue:

  • Quite long ago, I once met the owner of Kiba Arms, we even went to banya then, though I'm not particularly into it. He, however, even broke his leg trying to jump-dive from the pier. Jolly fellow dreamt of setting up an Airsoft grounds all the time. It seems his wish came true in Tarkov, the largest and best-fighting grounds in the world, with an only minor difference: here, you die and lose everything from a single stray bullet. Put together an AK-102, with Rotor 43 silencer, Magpul AFG OD tactical grip, and Zenit 2U flashlight. Ergonomics should be over 50, recoil sum less than 500, sighting range 500 or more. Make sure it doesn't take up more than 8 cells.

Task Completion Dialogue:

  • Well done, leave it on the crate.