November 16, 2020


Video Guide

Task Objectives:

  • Find the secret spot
  • Leave the Ghost balaclava in place
  • Leave the Shemagh in place
  • Leave the RayBench sunglasses in place
  • Leave the Round frame sunglasses in place

Task Rewards:

  • +21,900 EXP
  • Ragman Rep +0.07
  • 80,000 Roubles

Task Objective Dialogue:

  • I'd like to send a care package to one dude. Get him fitted with some stuff, just so he'd know, Arshavir remembers. It is not the military, regular dude, but loves to dress up like the Matrix sometimes. Or as that hairy-chested spy, Austin or whatever, the dude in glasses. Leave the package at the pier in the Woods, he will pick it up, I'll let him know. Just hide it someplace between the barrels, so that nobody sees it.

Task Completion Dialogue:

  • I've let Den know, he'll pick it up, thanks