November 16, 2020


Video Guide

Task Requirements:

  • Must be Level 30 to start this task

Task Objectives:

  • Find 5 Wires in a raid
  • Find 5 Capacitors in a raid
  • Handover 5 Wires
  • Handover 5 Capacitors

Task Rewards:

  • +19,500 EXP
  • Mechanic Rep +0.06
  • 3x Physical bitcoin
  • 65,000 Roubles

Task Objective Dialogue:

  • Hey there. See what's going on? Bitcoin plunges into abyss. I don't know if that's a conspiracy or a logical pattern. This whole business was shady from the start, but well, there's nothing left to do but to salvage what we can. To cut the long story short, my farm is acting up lately - bugs, freezes, and everything. Fix me up with some wiring and capacitors. I have a little idea on how to improve the system stability.

Task Completion Dialogue:

  • Now we're talking! I'll grab a soldering iron and get to work. And before you know it, the market is stable too.